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Alternative Fuel Stations in Culdesac, ID

Alternative Fuel Stations in Culdesac, ID

Alternative Fuel in Culdesac

There are a total of 1 alternative fuel stations within a 10-mile radius of the center of Culdesac, ID.


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210 Bever Canyon Lapwai, ID 83540

Hours of operation: 24 hours daily
Last confirmed on: 2024-03-13

Above is a complete list of alternative fuel locations in or near Culdesac, ID: biodiesel; compressed natural gas (CNG); ethanol (E85); electric; hydrogen; liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (propane) & more.

Alternative Fuel Tax Incentives and Credits in Culdesac, ID

Tax incentives and/or other rebates, credits, incentives or related initiaves for drivers of alternative fuel vehicles or for other uses of alternative fuel in Culdesac, ID.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Access to Roadways

An NEV is defined as a self-propelled, electrically-powered, four-wheeled motor vehicle that does not produce emissions and conforms to the definition and requirements for low-speed vehicles specified in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 571.500. An NEV must be titled, registered, and insured according to state law and may only be operated by a licensed driver. NEVs may not be driven on any highway with a speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour (mph), or across any highway with a speed limit greater than 45 mph.

(Reference Idaho Statutes 49-123, 49-402, and 49-663)

Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Exemption from Vehicle Testing Requirements

Electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and HEVs are exempt from state motor vehicle inspection and maintenance programs. For more information, see the Idaho Vehicle Inspection Program website.

(Reference Idaho Statutes 39-116B and Senate Bill 1254, 2022)

Natural Gas Tax

Compressed natural gas used as a special motor fuel is subject to the state fuel excise tax rate of $0.32 per gasoline gallon equivalent, measured at 5.66 pounds (lbs.) or 126.67 cubic feet at a base temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 14.7 lbs. per square inch. Liquefied natural gas is also subject to the excise tax rate of $0.349 per diesel gallon equivalent, measured at 6.06 lbs. For more information, see the Idaho Fuels Taxes and Fees website.

(Reference Idaho Statutes 63-2402 and 63-2424)

Electric Vehicle (EV) Fee

In addition to standard registration fees, all-electric vehicle owners must pay an annual fee of $140 and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle owners must pay an annual fee of $75. Neighborhood electric vehicles are exempt from the fee.

(Reference Idaho Statutes 49-457 )

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Support

Idaho utilities joined the National Electric Highway Coalition (NEHC), committing to create a network of direct current fast charging (DCFC) stations connecting major highway systems from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific of the United States. NEHC utility members agree to ensure efficient and effective fast charging deployment plans that enable long distance EV travel, avoiding duplication among coalition utilities, and complement existing corridor DCFC sites. For more information, including a list of participating utilities and states, see the NEHC website.

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Culdesac Facts

The city of Culdesac (ID) in Nez Perce County has an estimated population of 380.

Alternative Fuel Stations in ID

Alternative Fuel Stations in Culdesac

There are currently at least 1 alternative fuel stations in or near Culdesac, ID (10-mile radius).

Did you know?

Alternative fuels are defined as substantially non-petroleum based energy sources.

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